Air Wrangler deck series


Wobbly Earth is pleased to present the Air Wrangler series of broken skateboard decks.
Starting out as a series of unique images representing the history of Space flight suits,
I kept coming back to the figure in the image to the right, holding what I imagine to be
an oxygen tank and hose. His stance and expression  seemed to emanate the sense of
trial and error, more than isolated images of space suits over time.

The use of broken decks, bound with found object brackets is synonymous with not only
the quest for a perfect functional space suit, but also the slams and experience of failure
that is necessary to master that aerial trick, when skateboarding a ramp or bowl or street.

Decks are only $325.00 AU each including postage within Australia.
They are wired for hanging and have padding top & bottom to prevent scratching of the wall.

To initiate correspondence for a purchase please click here or email Ezra at


Doctors Thoughts

Empty Screen


Left hand

Little more, little less

Mind elsewhere

Walking away

© Ezra Krzywokulski 2018