2009 Masters of Art in Animation and Interactive Multimedia, RMIT
1995  Bachelor of Art in Drawing, VCA
1993  Summer School Film making course, The University of Melbourne
1993  VCE Certificate, Beaconhills College, Pakenham

Individual Exhibitions

2016 Dark Liminality
10 -21 June, Sidespace Gallery, Salamanca Arts Center, Hobart

2013 The Abstract Logic of Dreams 
9 – 22 June, Artman Gallery, Caulfield, Melbourne

Group Exhibitions

2013 Stockshow, group show, November, Artman Gallery, Caulfield 
Stockshow, group show, May, Artman Gallery, Caulfield 
Showcase 20, group show, February, Artman Gallery, Caulfield
2012 Showcase 20, group show, December, Artman Gallery, Caulfield 
Added to Artmangroup show, Artman Gallery, Caulfield
1996 Pop Boy’s NightmareWith Daymon Gruelich ,The Cherry Tree Hotel Richmond and The Lounge, Swanston St, Melb.
1995 Mornington Spring Festival of DrawingMornington Peninsula Regional Gallery
1993 Lobotomy of the Masses, Group Show, Brunswick Mechanics Institute.

Artist statements word things

Abstract Logic of Dreams, 2013

Like the abstract logic of dreams, so are our emotions, tentatively choreographing an idea, a desire for a fixed state of forward progress. But it’s always a conglomeration of enigmatic small parts. Out of our control, to break the conditioning and those effectors in our hearts and minds. To accept chaos as the natural order, love, loss, desire and negation. What is a common reality?

Dark Liminality, 2016

Dark: The absence of light in a place

Liminality: (From the Latin word ‘līmen,’ meaning ‘a threshold’)The ambiguity or disorientation that occurs during a transitional period or phase of a rite of passage.

Always in life, it seems that we are challenged to be in control of that most integral and intimate structure, that of our own being, our state of mind in relation to whom we are and what we experience.
It seems absurd that this most fundamental basic core of self should so often be driven by something beyond our immediate consciousness or control, like our environment, past experience or a conditioned reaction. Too often we are unconsciously reactive rather than mindfully responsive to the actual and present situation we find ourselves in. This tension, between reaction and reason, between unconsciousness and mindfulness, between chaos and order, is what has driven the body of work that is Dark Liminality.
In the state of liminality – the place between dreams and reality, between consciousness and unconsciousness, between past and present- there is darkness. A pause. Fluidity. Dissolution. Change. It is ambiguous, unknown, perhaps terrifying, but always fruitful. We must descend and surrender to the darkness, to the chaos, before we can move towards light and integration.
It is this balance between the conscious and unconscious aspects of ourselves that most inspires this body of work. Environments are used echoing this same above/below and dark/light tension; fish from under the sea, beings in outer space, animals in human conditions, death seducing life. Entering an ambiguous state, the liminal, to produce something spontaneous, an immediate mark, an intuitive movement towards colour or text. The painting births itself from this space, and contains the chaos and meaning inherent therein.

© Ezra Krzywokulski 2018