Ezra Krzywokulski is a visual artist from Gembrook, Victoria who now lives and works in Hobart, Tasmania.

Drawing for as long as he can remember, he first exhibited with his late brother in a 1993 group exhibition ‘Lobotomy of the masses’ at the Brunswick mechanics institute in Melbourne. Where arguably the most interesting work was an artist’s shit on a platter and the failure of the silicone sealed glass exosphere to effectively contain such an expected assault.

Ezra studied a Bachelor of art in drawing at the Victorian College of the arts from 1995 and held his first solo exhibition in 2013 at Artman Gallery in Caulfield South. He also studied a Masters of art in animation and interactive multimedia at RMIT in 2009. Having worked extensively as a storyboard artist and animator on high end TV commercials, freelancing and employed in a boutique agency in The Rocks, Sydney. Krzywokulski has always had a passion for the moving as well as the still image.

Krzywokulski deals primarily with the deeply personal and relative experience of what we call life. The experience of the self. Namely the painful acceptance of a rather eastern understanding of the necessity to experience the dark, the absolute horrors, to simply allow the honest experience of an equitable measure of the light.

Clinically diagnosed with numerous mental illnesses over the years, predominately bipolar and chronic major depression, being colour blind and a bona fide insomniac. Ezra’s art is an honest attempt to make sense of his world. To communicate the ‘art brut’ of an insane world.

Why Wobbly Earth?

The business name wobbly earth simply kind of mostly comes from the neurological sensitivities that develop over hardcore prolonged lack of sleep. The ability to feel somewhat minuscule vibrations within the Earth, small earthquakes, of which there are thousands a day. A term that may be scientifically acknowledged as geo-sensitivity. Also the influence of socially induced vibrations such as acceleration of combustion engines, heard from a distance, that thrive up the spine and can often cause momentary blackouts.

And of course, because essentially nothing is not wobbly.

Ezra’s works are held in collections across the globe.

© Ezra Krzywokulski 2018